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Our Recovery Services


The Cornerstone Community Development Corporation Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

Since 2018 the Cornerstone has provided recovery services to over 3000 residents of  Duplin  and the surrounding counties. 

Housing and Repair Resources

Working with our partners we provide repair services and  aid to homeowners impacted by the storm.  In 2019 we are working with developer to construct new homes for those who lost their homes and those looking to purchase a new home in the Rose Hill community.  Currently 26 homes are under construction and will be sold on a first come basis.  Contact us for more information! 

Referrals for Disaster Case Management

We help residence receive the extra assistance they need in getting case manger services to help reorganize thier lives. 

Unmet Needs and Donations

If you are in need of some supplies and materials, we have a donation room on site where we can help with some unmet needs.  ( a few simple procedures )

Food and other needs of Assistance

We here at the cornerstone cdc have a monthy meeting. where we give information to the public as welll we give out food to the public . to help with some unmet needs.

Referrals for Community Resources for Disable Veterans, Seniors,and Children

We offer resources for the disabled veterans and seniors and children. We also offer disaster volunteer training and  hurricane preparedness training along with health and wellness services .