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About Us

Incorporating Board Meeting 2009

Our Services

The Cornerstone CDC is 501(C)(3) corporation operated under the North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Code. Founded in 2009, the organization provides services designed to meet the challenges facing Duplin, North Carolina and the surrounding communities:  Services Include:

  • Economic Development
  • Workforce and Job Training
  • Telecommunication and Technology Computer Training
  • Housing and Community Development
  •  Family and Youth Program Development
  •  Mental  Health and  Nutrition
  • Organizational Technical Assistance
  •  Disaster  Recovery  (Long-Term)
  •  Veteran Services

Our Mission


The mission of the Cornerstone CDC is to develop and implement effective economic development strategies that improve the quality of life in Duplin County, NC and its surrounding rural areas. We will accomplish our mission, through our programs and partnerships, that educate, train, empower, and transform lives. 



Our vision, is to create a community development corporation (CDC), that has the capacity, leadership, and financial resources to address local community development needs and  that provides services; to include affordable housing, neighborhood revitalization, transportation, employment, communication technology and wealth creation.  

We realize our vision by


  • Helping our clients achieve healthy lifestyle changes, and attain economic success and financial security. 
  • Helping North Carolina’s citizens better connect to the resources of North Carolina’s prime public institutions
  • Identifying, creating, and generating new jobs in rural North Carolina.
  • Working in partnership with colleges, universities, and health service organizations to identify best practices in health management and wellness. 
  • Partnering with State and local agencies to implement innovative strategies for workforce and economic development. 
  • Creating a green business initiative to help stimulate the economic growth
  • Managing our resources using fiscally sound policies and procedures
  • Using current and future technology to advance the knowledge-base of those who utilize our services
  • Using public relations and media to share success, educate, recruit, and fund initiatives.
  • Implementing research models, best practices, and innovative programs.


Our History

Our Founders


In February 2009, a vital alliance was born as a response toward effectively meeting the needs of the undeserved communities in Duplin, NC. Two organizations formed the beginning of a partnership now known as The Cornerstone CDC, Wellness Works Consulting, and CMJ Associates of Boston. 

By November 2009 The Cornerstone CDC expanded it operation to form partnership with several community organizations that included Duplin Department of Social Services, the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, House of Raeford, WEGG Radio, Eastpointe, Duplin County Sheriff Department, Duplin Health Department, Duplin County Partnership for Children, The Way Ministries, Adoram Baptist Church, Breaking the Chain, Global Leadership Institute and, A lot of Direction Love and Affection (ADLA).

In January 2010, The Cornerstone  began offering training to its clients. Partnerships agreement and action plans were in place with our health management partners. Workforce training program staff were hired and working on implementation  our weatherization, home energy audit and solar thermal heating training.  Basic computer classes  began enrolling a total of 25 students preparing them for other job opportunities available online and elsewhere throughout North Carolina. Five full-time and three part-time volunteer staff began working on program initiatives begun in 2009. This includes our partnership designed to address workforce health and weight management in women and men with diabetes. 

By the fall of 2010, the Cornerstone will be working on strategies to ensure the professional and financial growth of the corporation. An identified part–time development officer with over 25 year associated experience will be working with local and national foundations, corporations, government sources, individual donors, and business owners to support the organization programs and services 

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Over the next 9 years, The Cornerstone continues to provide services and develop programs to meet the needs of the community. 

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